Smart Strategies to Luxury travel


The luxury travel industry has been the core of my business world for many years. In my role as marketing consultant have seen travel companies grow and fall as the trends for vacations and short breaks changed in line with needs for the industry’s most important component – the customer. From just one holiday or vacation a year, the trend has grown to a pattern of two maybe even three vacations. For those with more disposable income, a sprinkling of short breaks throughout the year has become a typical indulgence… until now. With the onset of the financial recession from 2008 onwards large families and travellers in their 40-50s were hardest hit in terms of the number and quality of holidays taken. Excited at the opportunities afforded by budget flights and exciting destinations many families looked forward to a few weeks in the sun with cheap food and drink plus the opportunity to pick up some duty free luxuries and a tan.

But the fall out from flight route closures on the cheaper airlines, the rising costs of hold baggage and the affects of currency fluctuations have made larger numbers of potential holiday makers taking the cheaper option and staying at home. The younger singles market still managed the short luxury breaks to European cities such as Prague and Barcelona and the island retreats of Ibiza and Mallorca. But even this market is being eroded as salaries dip in line with recession. Currency fluctuation and exchange rates have hit the cost of bed and board rises dramatically in the once celebrated destinations. Add in the effect of ‘global warming’ on the conscience of the younger travellers and its easy to see why so many of the budget holiday companies are falling on difficult times.

And what about the luxury end of the market? Believe it or now but some of the top end companies are having a very profitable time. How? They have talked to each other, joined forces and shared resources to help bring their marketing costs down and in many cases their market coverage up.I have seen groups of top Scottish Hotels who might have been fighting for a customers attention, become a collaborative marketing group whose aim is to sell the destination first and then divide up the spoils amongst their spa resorts, golf complexes, boutique hotel partners and city centre apartments. I have also seen small specialist travel agents collaborate by forming a collaborative venture specialising in high end luxury travel destinations – each member having a unique destination or service. With one innovative marketing message they have a louder voice than they might have as individual travel operators.

On the customer side collaboration is also proving very beneficial. Instead of taking lots of individual holidays there is a growing trend for groups who might have booked separate hotels and a similar destination to team up and book a large villa or apartment. Combining their entrepreneurial skills, purchasing skills and cooking skills they are able to eat well, organise great activities while staying at some of the most exclusive holiday destinations. Yes, we enjoy our holidays especially if it is something unique and exclusive for ourselves – but teaming up with friends and like-minded travellers has its benefits. And within the marketplace there is definitely strength in numbers. Look out for more collaboration from the travel trade to grab your hard earned holiday cash.

The Importance of Luxury travel


Most of us travel either for vacation or for business trips but these are commonly done on a budget. Seldom do we travel, locally or on international trips without thinking of how we can squeeze some savings while at the same time enjoying it. But there is a select few of high net worth people who are not concerned with how much money they have to spit out on every trip they make. Luxury travel is only for the privileged few. These are big businessmen, movie celebrities, sports heroes, government officials, top executives and other high profile jobs we seldom encounter. Let’s analyze their common preferences one by one.

Luxury flights – they always take the first class flight which is almost triple the price of coach class fares. The least that you will encounter are top executives on business class. Super rich people like princes of oil rich countries or Forbes top 500 do not travel first class, they have their own private jets with interiors customized to their personal tastes. When they reach their destination, fancy cars await them whether owned or rented. Those rich people but who cannot afford to own one charters their own jet for travel.

Luxury resort travel – upon reaching their destination on their private jets or fancy cars, they are immediately whisked off to their luxury y hotels or resorts. One the newest hotels in Dubai rated 7 stars has prices starting from $7,000 up. One hotel resort in Barbados has a suite costing a mind boggling $25,000 per night complete with all the trappings of luxury. Those who want complete privacy even rent their own island resort probably costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. They gamble the night away, usually in the VIP casino rooms dressed in tuxedos. Those who do not gamble just spend their quiet nights sipping Dom Perignon champagne. No matter how they spend their vacation, it’s first class all the way.

Luxury travel accessories – This is the last thing you will notice on super rich people. Maybe you see them casually dressed but look at the brand they are wearing, they are all signature items. From head to toe, these guys will not settle for anything less. Casual beach attire including watches and jewellery can cost easily over $30,000. This could go up when they take their formal dinner in their signature suits, shoes, watches and jewellery not to mention the price of the food they are going to order. Inside their hotel rooms you can find expensive colognes, perfumes, toiletries, lingeries and so on.

Luxury travel is only for the privileged few. It’s a dream for most of us and a dream it will remain unless we get lucky enough. It is indulgence in its highest form. But the current trend is more and more people are becoming millionaires every year according to Forbes magazine. Who knows you could be the next one.

Finding the Best Luxury travel


With everyone trying to watch the amount of money spent these days, a luxury vacation might not seem a high priority. On the other hand, a luxury vacation could be the best way to lift your worries and relax your spirit, assuming you can afford to shell-out the cash. Vacations are your time to get away from it all, and to get away from reality for a little while and experience the grander side of life. When you travel in style, stay in a luxurious accommodations or take luxury tours, you just feel better. It’s a good feeling to be pampered and spoiled a little, every once in a while. You deserve it!

The luxury travel experience can come in all shapes and sizes, from specialty tours for families, couples, women, and men, to outings specializing in gourmet foods. This is a niche where you can expect some of your dreams to come true. You work hard on a daily basis; you should vacation like you mean it. When you are traveling for luxury, one of the first things you’ll enjoy is that, no matter what your needs are, you can probably find someone able to accommodate them. Whether you have forgotten a particular item in your travel repertoire, are in need of a good restaurant, theater, or attraction, your needs will be cared for.

Luxurious accommodations can make all the difference in alleviating worry and preparing the atmosphere for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. Staying in a five-star hotel, for example, can provide a host of amenities for your comfort and enjoyment. From high-count thread sheets to satin or silk sheets to sleep on, to an array of pillows the like you’ve never seen before, the ones in charge of your luxury vacation will do their very best to see to your utmost comfort. They often have luxurious bath tubs, which may include a Jacuzzi in the bathroom or a large tub for soaking, and will likely have large, fluffy towels and a thick robe for your personal use.

For some, mixing a little adventure into a luxury vacation provides a perfect balance for all the pampering. Whether it’s a trip on the African Safari, a trek through the Himalayas or a high-speed ride on one of the world’s fastest boats, spicing up an otherwise pampered vacation is a great way to accent your travel experience. A luxury vacation should be experienced to ascertain all the values that make it worthwhile. Perhaps the best part is getting away for a little while, escaping to a place of your dreams. After relaxing in such a fashion, it might make it a little easier to go back home, work hard, and plan for your next luxury trip!